A little normalcy in this weirdly abnormal world.

I can hear the music in my head just looking at the picture up top.  Dunh-DUUUUN-dun-dunnnnnnn … dun-DUUUUUN-dun-dunnnn.  Happy sigh.

One of the many things I love about Harley is how much he loves Gone with the Wind.  He passed that on to Bam-bam and we love throwing around lines from the movie.  Having a hard time figuring something out?  “I don’t know nuthin’ ’bout birthin’ babies!”  Ate too much at dinner?  “As God as my witness, I’ll never go hungry again!”  You get the picture.

Harley’s birthday was yesterday.  I had planned to take the day off work to play with him, but with all this COVID-19 stuff happening, we couldn’t get to The Shack, our favorite breakfast place.  They have such yummy food AND super-fun grown-up breakfast drinks.  My favorite is the one that has real Coco Puffs in it and you can suck them up through a giant straw.  So you can see why he was disappointed that we couldn’t go.  It was too cold to bundle up for a ride on the bike and besides, we didn’t know if we could stop anywhere if we got thirsty.  Instead I made a semi-decent breakfast at home and then we had Bam-bam and PowerPuff over for diner.  Take-out of course.

Being cooped up in the house under haze of disappointment when you thought you’d be shoving food in your face all day and zooming around on the bike in search of beer makes for a lame day of celebration.

What does this have to do with Gone with the Wind, you ask?  It started with the after-dinner conversation about how many cowboy and baseball movies Kevin Costner has made (we counted four each), which led to a discussion about what his best movie is to date (which Harley and Bam-bam insist is Waterworld)  As I am writing this Harley is saying that post-apocalyptic movies are his bread and butter, though.  One thing we could all agree on was that it may have been THE longest movie he ever made.  Then that made us wonder what was the longest movie ever made by anyone?  Powerpuff thought it could be The Last Samuri, which they had just recently watched.  I said forget them both because there is only one movie that could be both the longest AND the best movie ever.

I looked across the table and asked Bam-bam what he thought it was.  He cocked his head to the side and said in a tiny voice, “Roadhouse?”  OMG NO!  GONE WITH THE WIND!  It was unanimous.  We went crazy talking about how Scarlett was scary and beautiful and bitchy and strong. Powerpuff said she had never seen it.  Silence.  We all just stared at her.  And just like that …. Bam-bam is digging around in the basement for the DVD, I am throwing dishes in the sink and we are all finding blankets and pillows to snuggle up in to watch the show.


It didn’t disappoint.  It never does.  I can’t get over the wardrobe and dramatic shots.  I. Am. Obsessed.  I could do a whole series on the dresses, the poses, Scarlett’s famous RBF …. seriously.   Bam-bam said watching it as an adult he sees what a feminist Scarlett was, even though she ironically started out just wanting to married to Ashley.  Who, by the way,  I think is a total simpering wimp.  Rhett Butler is where it’s at if you ask me.  But yes, Scarlett O’Hara is a total badass and a force to be reckoned with.


We only made it through the first half to intermission but plan to pick it up next week and finish the last half so we have something fun to look forward to.  Although it was supposed to be something entertaining we could do while we can’t leave the house, it’s hard not to see the similarities to our current situation.  We’ve just been floating along living our best lives and then BAM!  We are jerked out of our comfortable realities and forced to figure out how to live life in a way we never have before.  The unknown can be scary I don’t know what the future brings.  But I think we will be okay.  Because there is a little bit of Scarlett in all of us.


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